The Smart Organic Material Group (SMOG) brings cutting-edge skills in the fields of organic, polymer and material chemistry and engineering. The SMOG aims to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research in the field of organic materials and to provide solutions to major challenges facing our society. Our research activities concern the development of functional molecules and new synthetic strategies to enable access to dynamic complex molecular systems. Through engineering we aim to develop new processes for the production of smart materials. Our goal is to synthesize animate materials by designing fundamentally new activation strategies and using functionalization of synthetic and natural materials. Our research targets a wide range of applications including biomaterials, drug delivery systems, information storage, sensing and diagnostics. Our multidisciplinary team is involved in original (inter)national research projects as well as in external collaborations in Romania or abroad.


Dr. Valentin Victor Jerca
Dr. Valentin Victor JercaScientific Researcher

Dr. Victor Jerca is heading the Smart Organic Materials Group (SMOG), which is focusing on the development of (multi)functional materials for advanced applications. He obtained a PhD in chemical engineering from University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest under the supervision of Prof. Dan Sorin Vasilescu and performed postdoctoral research with Prof. Dan Sorin Vasilescu (University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest) and with Prof. Richard Hoogenboom (Ghent University). He published considerably fundamental and applicative work, with emphasis on synthesis and characterization of functional polymers, with particularly focus on polyoxazoline-based smart materials. Dr Jerca is the recipient of the Romanian Academy prize ‘‘Costin D. Nenitzescu’’ awarded in 2012. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Dyes and Pigments Journal and Materials.

Dr. Dumitru Mircea Vuluga
Dr. Dumitru Mircea VulugaScientific Researcher

Dr. Mircea Vuluga is a senior researcher with more than 35 years of expertise in securing research funding and budget management. He has strong expertise in industrial upscaling products and technology, acquired during his industrial appointment to C.Ch. Craiova Doljchim and participated in the implementation of 4 pilot industrial installations. He has been working on ring opening cationic polymerization of cyclic acetals and on the chemical modification of natural polymers (collagen, cellulose). Dr. Vuluga is specialized in the molecular, thermogravimetric and optical characterization of synthetic and natural macromolecules.

Dr. Florica Adriana Jerca
Dr. Florica Adriana JercaScientific Researcher

Dr. Adriana Jerca is an experienced researcher with a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2011) from University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest. She performed postdoctoral research with Dr. Dan Anghel (Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry) and with Prof. Richard Hoogenboom (Ghent University). She is the recipient of the Romanian Academy Prize “Costin D. Nenitzescu” awarded in 2012. Her main expertise lies in the development of polymers and organic materials, and she is currently working on designing responsive polymers and smart materials for photonics and biomedical applications. Her expertise in material science is reflected by numerous publications, book chapters, national patents and (inter)national communications. She has managerial experience in coordinating national projects as project leader.

Eng. Emilian Ghibu
Eng. Emilian GhibuScientific Researcher Asistant

Emilian Ghibu is a PhD student in the Smart Organic Material group. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products majoring in Organic Chemistry from Politehnica University of Bucharest. The main research of Emilian is the design and synthesis of smart hydrogels for controlled release of biologically active compounds.

Mihai Alexandru Molența
Mihai Alexandru MolențaTrainee Assistant I

Alexandru Molența joined the group of Smart Organic Materials in 2021 and is currently a Master student. He received his BSc in Chemistry from University of Bucharest under the supervision of Prof. Marius Andruh and Dr. Victor Jerca. He investigates the use of 2-oxazoline based smart monomers for the development of macromolecular and supramolecular organic architectures. He is also involved in the synthesis of light responsive materials for sensing and diagnostics.

Iliana Tunaru
Iliana TunaruLab technician
Valerica Albu
Valerica AlbuLab technician

Main research directions are focused on syntheses of organic building blocks for the development of (macro)molecular architectures as a platform for health and photonic materials.

2-Oxazoline functional derivatives.

New methods for obtaining functional 2-oxazoline derivatives using mainly fine organic synthesis. Synthesis of 2-oxazolines with polymerizable functions by radical and / or anionic mechanism.



Multi-functional materials

Integration of various functions in dynamic complex molecular systems. Development of multifunctional organic materials with complex response to external stimuli such as light, temperature, pH, magnetic field, and enzymes.



Organic materials for opto-electronics and photonics.

Design and synthesis of new structured organic materials with applications in photonics. Development of azo derivatives for obtaining photoswitches and materials with increased efficiency of nonlinear properties of the second and third order using molecular engineering.



Polymeric networks.

Development of organic materials with 3D structure for controlled and directed release of therapeutic agents. Polymeric systems designed for the treatment of diseases with an inflammatory reaction and autoimmune response of the body.


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Near infrared-light drug-delivery materials for ocular implants


New polyoxazoline conjugates for cancer chemo-immunotherapy


Development of light-responsive poly(2-oxazoline)s micelles as a theranostic platform for improved tumor-targeted drug-delivery


Polyoxazoline hydrogels - pluripotent carriers of antimicrobials for local treatment of osteomyelitis
PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2021- 2544


Personalized dressing platform based on smart materials for wound management

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